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【Battle of BC 2 @ UBC AMS Student Nest】

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Battle of BC 2 has ended, and it was a huge success! Zenox would like to thank the UBC eSports Association for hosting. It was a pleasure to sponsor in this event.

There were over 800 entrants combined in all four competitions, Smash players as young as thirteen years old participating from all around the world!


With over $8000 just in pot bonuses combined, the pressure is on for all the players!

Everyone played very well, but four players ultimately fought their way to the throne. A huge congratulations to those winners:

ChuDat for the Melee Singles

ChuDat and Ryan Ford for the Melee Doubles

MKLeo for the Wii U Singles

Mew2King and MKLeo for the Wii U Doubles

Be sure to check out a recap video posted by Akshon Esports, and look out for more events by the UBC eSports team!

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