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【Zotac Cup @ Computex Taipei】

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Zotac Cup at Computer Taipei has finally come to an end!

8 teams came together and competed in the event, including :
Seed Teams: #Team NP (US) and #Newbee(CHN)

From EU : #DanishBears and #TeamSingularity
From US : #DigitalChaos
From SEA: #Fnatic and #WarriorsGaming.Unity
From CHN : #iG.Vitality

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 Both seed teams are very competitive. Newbee is currently 1st ranked in China and TeamNP was lead by legendary player, EternalEnvy. As Zotac Cup being one of the few DotA 2 Premier Tournament, all participating teams took it very seriously. With The International 2017 [TI7] approaching, the teams are fighting hard, climbing the ladder, hoping to gain direct invite from which. ( The International is currently having the highest prize pool in the field, with a yield of 20 million USD last year, for TI6)

*image from Google.

Special attention has to be paid to player Nisha, from TeamSigularity. He is the youngest, at the age of 16, and is already competing for the team as position 2.

After 5 days of intense matchups, TeamNP and Newbee faced off in the finals. Newbee seized the throne from TeamNP with high burst damage combo after a staggering 72 minutes map, in the Bo5 finals, with a final map score of 3:1. By here, we congratulate Newbee for finally breaking free from the searing chains of not being able to win in the finals for the past year by winning the Zotac Cup. And a big round of applause for Zotac for hosting the event, giving DotA 2 fans in Taiwan a chance to see, in person, such quality games played by some of the best teams on the planet.

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